I engaged Wave 3 to help me refine my vision for the business and ensure that we have the right processes in place to support our growing operations. As a business owner, it was important for me to work with a firm that not only brings expertise but could also roll up their sleeves and execute alongside my team. Wave 3 conducted a comprehensive assessment of our business, developed a detailed list of recommendations, and partnered with me and my team to implement them. I highly recommend Wave 3 to other business owners looking for a trusted partner take their business to the next level.

Rex Ito – CEO, Prime Time Seafood

My company hired Wave 3 on at least two separate occasions to evaluate certain strategic initiatives. In both cases, they were successful and made the progress we were looking for. Wave 3 explored and integrated complex sets of information, both internal and external to the company, before making a recommendation consistent with the company’s strategic goals, the company’s competencies, and the realities of the market. I recommend Wave 3 to organizations that need to apply strategic thinking to complex situations while accounting for the many human elements.

Ken Fisher – AVP Corporate Development, Pacific Life