A mid-market seafood company was anticipating significant growth by bringing new farms online and adding new species to its product mix. The company needed a partner who could help it develop the core capabilities needed to meet the anticipated growth in sales while also preparing the owner for a potential exit within the next 2 – 3 years.


Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s operations and financial statements. We developed detailed recommendations to help the company mature the capabilities needed to support growth and improve key financial metrics to support a favorable exit. We deployed a fractional CFO to partner with the CEO and implement key recommendations over a 12-month period.


The engagement resulted in significantly improved role clarity within Finance and enhanced cycle times and controls. Our team also identified several hundred thousand dollars in tax savings and implemented tax-advantageous compensation plans for key personnel. We were also able to secure a $2M line of credit to enable critical business investments and improve working capital. At the conclusion of the engagement, the company was on track to double sales from $25M to $50M+ and had a viable exit strategy in place.