A leading US financial services organization had seen its operating costs increase linearly with revenue, resulting in suboptimal profitability and return on equity (ROE). The company engaged our firm to perform a detailed review of spend and develop a comprehensive set of sustainable cost reductions recommendations.


Our team worked collaboratively with Finance and Department leaders to analyze past, current, and future spend. We reclassified 5 years of spend into discretionary and non-discretionary items in order to identify, size, and prioritize cost reduction opportunities across the enterprise. We developed a three-year prioritized execution roadmap with key implementation considerations for the senior leadership team.


Our team identified $30M+ in achievable cost reduction opportunities with an additional $10M stretch potential. We developed a prioritized roadmap for implementing cost savings opportunities over a three-year time horizon. The first year following the engagement, the Client was on track to realize the first $10M in annual savings.