Our Team

Olivier Muyshondt
Founder & Principal Consultant

Olivier is a seasoned management consultant with more than 15 years of experience advising clients on strategy, transformation, and human capital initiatives. Olivier works with clients of all sizes to drive greater profitability and improve organizational performance. Previously, Olivier held senior consulting roles at Deloitte, EY, and The Hackett Group. Olivier holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BA from UC Irvine. 

Annissa Desphande
Client Advisor

Annissa Deshpande designs modern HR strategies that drive business outcomes and create a place where people love to work. Her perspective comes from 20 years of experience in human resources, IT, strategy, and finance in corporate and consulting environments. Previously, Annissa worked at Hitachi Consulting, AECOM, and Indymac Bank. She holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Richard Kossler
Client Advisor

Richard Kossler is a CPA and senior finance professional with 17 years of experience in the investment and fund management business. He specializes in helping clients navigate financial, operational, and regulatory matters in order to maximize financial performance and mitigate business risk. Previously, Richard held senior positions at EY, KPMG, and TCW. He holds a Masters in Tax, Accounting and Finance from USC and a BS from Cal State San Bernardino.

Robert Cope
Client Advisor

Robert is a consulting and industry professional with over 25 years of experience increasing company and shareholder value. He is adept at collaborating with customers to manage cross functional, transformation projects, including mergers and acquisitions, process and organization optimization, and supply chain. Previously, Robert held senior positions at Deloitte and PRTM. Robert holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from North Carolina State University.