Moving Forward. Together.

We believe that successful organizations share three things in common: a solid strategy, a good process, and a talented, motivated workforce. We partner with organizations that share this philosophy and work with them to develop long-term, sustainable business and people solutions.


I engaged Wave 3 to assess our current level of maturity across industry-specific capabilities and work with leadership to implement capabilities requiring prioritized focus. Wave 3 brought a broad external perspective and knowledge of best practices critical to the success of this transformational effort. Wave 3 invested the time to understand our company culture and develop a customized plan to accelerate our strategic transformation journey.

Director, Operational Excellence – Western Digital

My company hired Wave 3 on at least two separate occasions to evaluate certain strategic initiatives. In both cases, they were successful and made the progress we were looking for. Wave 3 explored and integrated complex sets of information, both internal and external to the company, before making a recommendation consistent with the company’s strategic goals, the company’s competencies, and the realities of the market.

AVP, Corporate Development – Pacific Life